National (In-)Security: Fifty Notable American Espionage Novels: 14-16.


Guild, Nicholas M.  The Summer Soldier.  New York: Simon and Schuster, 1978.

Guild has taught at Clemson University and Ohio State University.  He has written almost a dozen novels, many dealing with espionage.

For The Summer Soldier, Guild received the Ohioana Book Award.  The novel focuses on a retired C.I.A. operative who returns home one day to find his wife murdered.  Years earlier, he had accidentally killed the wife of a KGB operative.  Now that Soviet agent has defected to the U.S., and, not satisfied with the murder of the protagonist’s wife, he begins stalking the protagonist himself.  Although well past his physical and mental prime, the protagonist must draw on the deep wealth of his experience to save himself.  If the shadowy world of intelligence is difficult to navigate when one is on the inside, it poses a much greater challenge to someone now on the outside.

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