National (In-)Security: Fifty Notable American Espionage Novels: 4-5.


Avallone, Michael.  Shoot it Again, Sam.  New York: Curtis, 1972.

One of the most prolific novelists of the post-war era. Michael Avallone wrote novels, usually published as paperback originals, in almost every popular genre and under a veritable catalog of pseudonyms.  He wrote so much that even he could not keep track of everything he had written.  Today almost all of his work is out of print, and if he is remembered at all, it is for the three and half dozen novels he wrote about his fictional alter-ego, Ed Noon. In the mid-1950s, Noon appeared as a sort of Mike Hammer knock-off, a hard-boiled private detective used to hard knocks and strangely attractive to curvaceous women in trouble.  In the 1960s, the popularity of the James Bond novels and films and of other espionage series convinced Avallone to transform Noon into a special agent for the president and…

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