The Thin Line between Appalling Ignorance and The Onion


No one is entirely sure if it began as a joke, but someone tweeted ahead of the New Year about how “cool” it was that the United States would be celebrating its 2014th birthday.

Huffington Post published a very brief post that included the tweet with no editorial comment. A slew of people then posted comments on the post. Some were clearly having fun with it, but a very large number, if not the majority, seemed to accept the idea that the number of the calendar year also indicates the age of the nation.

As if to demonstrate that idiocy, and not just ingenious inventions or groundbreaking discoveries, can occur simultaneously but in complete isolation from each other, another person tweeted about how “cool” it was the Earth was now 2014 years old, and a chorus of commenters chimed in to agree that it was, indeed, very “cool.”

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