What Would James Murray Think?: Addendum 1


In the post to which this post provides an addendum, I reported that the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) had selected “selfie” as the word of the year for 2013, with “twerk” running a close second.

The American Dialect Society (ADS) has subsequently announced its word of the year, as well as winners in a number of narrower categories. Unlike the OED, the ADS reports the votes that each word received.

The ADS’s word of the year is “because,” which is now being used in clipped or truncated prepositional phrases and adverb clauses such as “because reasons” or “because science.” These new usages of “because” received 127 votes. The runs-up included: “Obamacare,” 39 votes; “slash” (used as coordinating conjunction, as in “”come and visit slash stay for the weekend”), 21 votes; “selfie,” 20 votes; and “twerk,” 7 votes.

In the category of “Most Useful” word of the…

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