Deflategate: On the Off-Chance That You Have Not Already Had Enough of It


The neologism of the month appears to be “Deflate-gate,” though the issue surrounding the deflation of the footballs used by the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game has also inspired the neologism “Ballghazi” and the pun “The Cheatriots.”

Yeesterday “Deflategate” was the lead story on all four nightly newscasts on the major networks. Yes, the news producers felt that this sports story was more significant than the death of the Saudi king, the worsening chaos in Yemen, the escalating campaign against ISIS and the fate of their Japanese hostages, and even the annual gathering of the ultra-wealthy at Davos.

Nonetheless, the NFL cannot complain that the media has hyper-inflated this story—not after the NFL itself announced that it has hired a “forensic expert” to assist in its investigation.

Here are some of the inventive and remorseless headlines that the controversy has inspired:

“Deflate-gate—Why the Media Are Over-Inflating the…

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