Three Science Stories Strangely Told


All of these items have been distributed by Business Insider.

Let’s start with a story about the unsuccessful attempt by SpaceX to land a rocket on an platform in the ocean [].

Here is a photo of the crash:

Space X Rocket Exploding

And here is the opening line of the article that immediately follows the photo:

“SpaceX launched and landed a rocket in January, but the event did not go as well as hoped.”

The second item concerns the collision between the Milky Way and Adromeda galaxies []. Here are the three opening paragraphs:

“Take a good, hard look at the Milky Way Galaxy in the image above—eventually, this view will be completely destroyed by a collision of galactic proportions. Earth itself will survive, but when this galactic war happens, Earth’s night sky will look like nothing any human being has ever seen before.

“A war of epic…

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