Who Says That the Spirit of Invention Is Dead in America? Or, a Brief but Ultimately Horrifying Exercise in Not-So-Free Association Involving Pizza, Rats, and the Various Meanings of “Viral”


This photo was originally posted on Pinterest, and it has, as they say, gone viral:

Pizza and Rats 1

And if you happen to live in or are visiting a big city such as New York, this clever bit of American ingenuity may just keep the rats from dragging off your pizza slices when you’re not looking:

Pizza and Rats 2

Oh, and, by the way, that rat with the pizza slice is cute only on camera.

If you have ever come close to stepping on a rat on a city street, you know that it takes quite some time before you are able to walk normally again. You get a weird hitch in your step because every shadow looks as if it is about to run up your pants leg.

And it is a very tactile exercise in the power of imagination.

And if you have never had that experience, imagine that your pizza was being made…

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