The Neologist’s Notebook: 1


Yesterday, in her speech endorsing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin referred to our need to resist inserting ourselves military into all of the many “squirmishes” occurring around the world.

Yesterday, on ESPN’s Around the Horn, Woody Paige referred to the controversy surrounding the fans’ election of a hockey enforcer as an all-star captain, followed by his being traded to another team and being demoted to the minor leagues, and finally his being re-confirmed as a participant in the all-star game—as a “clusterpuck.”

A contribution solicitation from the campaign to re-elect Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy suggested that the phrases “circus sideshow” and “clown car” are no longer sufficient to describe what is occurring in the lead up to the Republican presidential primaries, and “goat rodeo” was offered as an alternative.

The lead headline on the September 10, 2015 daily newsletter from the Jerusalem Post read “Rosh Hashana…

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