The Furniture That We Love (Or Is It Whom?)


As a professor, I have led a fairly sedentary life. I would say that I have a reader’s physique, but I suspect that there are many thin readers—people who can read for hours without having bags or bowls of snacks within arm’s reach. Indeed, it might be a fair question to ask whether I at least sometimes read in order to justify snacking.

If I have always been somewhat sedentary, I have found that, as I age, I am becoming much more cognizant of chairs. Although, unlike Clint Eastwood, I have not yet begun to talk directly to chairs, I have become much more attentive to all aspects of their being, from their physical appearance to the more subtle characteristics that become apparent only after one has really settled into them. Once or twice, I have caught myself saying out loud to an otherwise empty room, “My God, this is…

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