Can Reality Be an Oxymoron? (4)


Let’s start with two headlines from yesterday’s Columbus Dispatch:

Green Party’s Presidential Candidate’s Speech Delayed after She Flies to Wrong City

Fire Department Cancels Charity Campaign after Firefighter Is Struck by Car

7-Eleven Deploys Donut Delivery Drone

Aer Lingus Passenger Dies after Biting Another Passenger

Banksy Graffiti Vandalized at Sundance

CHOP Performs World’s 1st Pediatric Double-Hand Transplant

Daring Divers Save Choking Shark

Ex-TV Judge Joe Brown Arrested on Five Counts of Contempt of Court

Fight Breaks Out at New Jersey Anti-Violence Demonstration

Giant Rubber Duck on Display in Taiwan Explodes . . . Again

“House” Helps Doctor Solve Medical Mystery

Israel Closes Two Stone Factories after Nearby Stone Throwing Incidents

Justin Bieber Says He’s ‘Retiring’

Louisiana Town Now Allows Drinking at Work

Man Swept Out to Sea during Beach Baptism

Nestlé Plans to Bottle Water From Drought-Stricken Phoenix

Pedestrian Crushed in Boston Drawbridge

Pedestrian Killed on US 23 Had…

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