Statistics of the Day


If the World Were 100 People:


50 would be female

50 would be male


26 would be 0-14

66 would be 15-64

8 would be 65 and older


60 would be from Asia

15 would be from Africa

11 would be from Europe

9 would be from Latin America & the Caribbean

5 would be from North America


33 would be Christian

22 would be Muslim

14 would be Hindu

7 would be Buddhist

12 would believe in other religions

12 would not be religious or identify themselves as being aligned with a particular faith

First Language

12 would speak Chinese

5 would speak Spanish

5 would speak English

3 would speak Arabic

3 would speak Hindi

3 would speak Bengali

3 would speak Portuguese

2 would speak Russian

2 would speak Japanese

62 would speak other languages

Overall Literacy

83 would be able to read…

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