POSTED BY MARTIN KICH I wonder if the $43,000 “secure” phone booth that Scott Pruitt had installed in his office looks anything like this: (If the image is more puzzling than amusing, do a Google s… Source: Whimsical Speculation of the Day Advertisements

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH This is a photo taken in 1937 in Prague of a mechanism called an “elevator desk”: In a period in which Varidesks have become very popular and the emphasis on ergon… Source: Image of the Day

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH Our relationship with technology—and, in particular, technological advancements that are on the horizon and that promise major and not entirely predictable changes in how we c… Source: Headline of the Day

POSTED BY MARTIN KICH I came across an link to an item in the Forsyth County News in Alabama, and the string of adverb phrases in the headline caught my attention: “University of Alabama Searching … Source: A Museum, a Radio, a Meteorite, 15 Minutes of Fame, and Then Obscurity

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