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Murder Is Our Peculiar Pastime: Fifty Notable American Crime Novels: 17-18

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? This one is timely in a very macabre way: ? Ellis, Bret Easton.  American Psycho.  New York: Knopf, 1991. Brett Easton Ellis became an almost instant literary celebrity when his first novel, Less than Zero (1985), sold millions of copies and was adapted to a film released by…

Notable Nonfiction Written by Women

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Writing for New York magazine, Ann Friedman has provided the following list of “The Queens of Nonfiction: 56 Female Journalists Everyone Should Read.” The list is organized chronologically by the illustrative selections from the authors’ work and includes links to those selections which seem to have been chosen at least…

The Furniture That We Love (Or Is It Whom?)

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As a professor, I have led a fairly sedentary life. I would say that I have a reader’s physique, but I suspect that there are many thin readers—people who can read for hours without having bags or bowls of snacks within arm’s reach. Indeed, it might be a fair question…